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Virtual SHE-E-O


What does it take to be an entrepreneur? For Dana Reese, Chief Executive Officer of The Buddy Effect, a virtual assistant company, it means stepping out into the realm of uncertainty. “I was most apprehensive about losing my job security. I couldn’t afford to fail because I had two other people depending on me,” says Reese.

Prior to beginning her business this mother of two, worked for a Fortune 50 company. However in an unfortunate set of circumstances, Reese was laid off. Despite being offered an alternative position within the company, Reese decided that it was time to step out on faith and start her business – and in September 2017 she founded The Buddy Effect. She couldn’t have begun her business at a better time. Taking into account the ever increasing demand of work from home jobs and flexible schedules, the virtual assistant industry is a booming one.

Reese describes that the mission of her company is to provide administrative services to businesses that can’t afford to hire administrative assistants. The Buddy Effect takes care of tasks such as call reminders, reservations, phone calls, text messages, emails and vacation planning. Moreover they send letters on your behalf as well as perform research for you. “Business is great. It grew a lot faster than I thought it would,” Reese expresses.  She made it known that during the beginning stages she used social networking to promote her business. “We get a lot of referrals which means my clients are happy,” says Reese.

The vast majority of her clients consist of brand strategists, influencers, career coaches and small businesses. “I have always supported small businesses,” remarks Reese. According to this CEO a large amount of business owners attempt to collaborate with large corporations. However unbeknownst to them it is small businesses or businesses that have fewer than 500 employees that fuel the economy. In fact according to the United States Small Business Administration there are 28.8 million small businesses in the U.S. and they account for 99.7% of all businesses in the U.S.

In addition to fueling the economy Reese provides her clients with sufficient services by employing college educated individuals who get to know each patron individually in order to create a personalized experience.

Reese ended her conversation with CEO In Her on a high note by paying it forward to the entrepreneurs coming behind her. “Do not take advice from an employee,” Reese affirms. She recalls when she first started her business – close relatives didn’t understand her strong desire to become an entrepreneur. “If they’re used to thinking like an employee they’re not going to understand that you’re going into business for yourself,” responds Reese. She believes that it is of vital importance to surround yourself with like-minded people, as the journey of an entrepreneur requires hard work and determination. “If you want to launch your business hang around entrepreneurs,” says Reese.


For more information about The Buddy Effect and the services they provide visit their website at and follow them on all social media at @thebuddyeffect

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