The Perfect 24 Hour Hair Delivery Service with Mo Length

The best hair extensions business in Los Angeles is here.

by Ana Vergara

Have you ever heard of a 24-hour hair delivery service? I am talking about hair extensions, bundles, wigs and so much more.  Being a hairstylist myself this got me so excited to hear about it because I remember those late nights when I had emergencies prepping my kit for the next day.  If you are a hairstylist or someone flying in for a big event and are in need, you might want to remember their name and have them saved on your contacts.  Located in Los Angeles, CA carrying clips, tape ins, bundles, wigs and even men wigs.  They also carry their own brand of adhesive which can also be found on Amazon and twenty-three different local beauty supply stores across Los Angeles.

Meet Mo the Owner and Founder of Mo Length brand.  She has been in business since 2016.  Started with an Ecommerce store to now a retail store on Melrose.  What I love about her story is how she didn’t give up and how her husband was the one who supported her.  He encouraged her first to start the business after she bought some hair extensions.  She called her family and friends for their support, and they came through.  One of her friends took the hair and took it to her hairstylist in hopes that she would buy or give her thoughts to her brand.  She did not hear back until 3 months and then the rest was history.  Her advice, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Be consistent and don’t give up.  Figure out Plan A.”  She added, “This is definitely not going to be easy and it’s not for the weak.”  Words so powerful because any entrepreneur knows there are up and downs in business and you must keep strong.

Mo is a mother of two boys.   I asked her what they tell mom.  She said, “Mom how much money did you make today because we want chucky cheese pizza!”  Like how innocent and adorable is that!?  I then asked her how old her boys are, and she said Major is eight and Majic is five years old. Oh, and get this they also have their own business.  Talk about a power family.  Business Financial Literacy flash cards which can also be found at their Ecommerce store. I love the way Mo is already teaching her children how to run a business.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the boys.

Mo Length is affordable and who doesn’t love a 24-hour delivery.  I’m so excited what Mo and her brand has in store for her future.  She already accomplished so much.  I asked her what her goals were for her brand.  She said, “To increase brand recognition across the US and be part of a household lifestyle.  I’d love to grow brand recognition in the lgbt community, so they know we support (diversity), continue to increase customer loyalty, and establish market leadership.”

What an inspiration to see entrepreneurs succeed.  Especially as a family.  I know where I will be shopping soon, I need some hair extensions and flash cards for the niece.  I hope this story is inspiring to all the entrepreneurs out there, to never give up and if you have little ones that it is  never too early to teach them how to run their own business.

Location: 7364 Melrose Ave, LA 90046

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