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Skintrist experienced bad acne as a teenager but expected that to change when she became an adult. During seven years of seeing dermatologists, getting chemical peels, and laser treatments, she learned everything she could about the process and products used. Her most important focus was working inside out after discovering that not every product available, actually works. Feeling like an “outsider because nobody else in her family experienced acne, she knew she had the drive to create something that would work. While going through her experiences she couldn’t help but be concerned about the aftercare that was offered. This inspired the launch of Skintrist, an amazing skin care line that is quite effective.



She spent four years working with local dermatologists to put together different formulas for people with sensitive and post procedure skin to use. In her experience, medical grade ingredient solutions were too strong after treatment and the natural ones with one ingredient wasn’t enough. It was important for her to know what type of treatments patients were coming in for so that she would know what type of aftercare treatment to provide for them.


Skintrist launched its first product in September of 2020, which was a vitamin c serum, a fragrance free, lightweight formula that left no residue. This product was designed with smaller molecules which penetrated deeper into the skin. Currently she is working with two chemists to review ingredient lists and decide what they want to work with next. Majority of the latest Skintrist products contain niacinamide ingredients, which people are known to love. Skintrist starts with one natural ingredient and adds a couple more ingredients to further enhance the product and create a balance in the formulation.



In April of 2022, Skintrist released Pro (Niacinamide) Skin Renewal Mist, made with multiple natural vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and tree oil. This product is to be applied to acne prone and oily skin types and it reduces oil production on your face by 40%. The creator of Skintrist wants to continue to work with dermatologists, nutritionists, and top leaders in the industry across the globe, to bridge the gap between medical and natural effective after care.



Skintrist is currently working on a Noni Facial Oil made for acne prone skin, with a velvety finish, that hydrates your skin. It can also be applied under makeup and you won’t have to worry about it creasing. This product is projected to be released later this year.

Toronto made from start to finish, Skintrist didn’t outsource any entities to remain in support of local businesses. Skintrist now is now retailed in spas in different parts of North America which include; two in Vancouver, one in Miami, two in Toronto, and one in Calgary.

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