Sell On Purpose: Revolutionizing the Art of Sales for the Misfit Entrepreneurs


In an era where the conventional paradigms of business are being constantly challenged and reinvented, two visionary entrepreneurs, Ianthe Mauro and Maria Tan, have emerged as the avant-garde beacons for those who find themselves on the periphery of traditional selling methodologies. With a shared ethos that celebrates the unorthodox and the unconventional, Mauro and Tan have crafted a unique business program titled “Sell On Purpose”, designed to empower the misfits of entrepreneurship—the brilliant minds that excel in every facet of their business except for one critical aspect: making sales.

“Sell On Purpose” is not just another sales course. It stands out as a beacon of hope for individuals who have felt alienated by mainstream approaches to business growth. These are the people who possess an intrinsic understanding of money and systems but falter when it comes to actualizing their potential through sales. This is where Ianthe Mauro and Maria Tan step in, adopting roles akin to fairy godmothers of business, guiding these gifted individuals towards tangible success.

Both Mauro and Tan identify as disruptors within the entrepreneurial landscape. They eschew conventional wisdom in favor of strategies that resonate with their identities as misfits—those who do not just follow the crowd but carve out paths uniquely their own. This philosophy forms the bedrock of “Sell On Purpose”, a program that embodies their collective experience spanning over five decades in entrepreneurship.

In recent times, Mauro and Tan took to Clapper—a burgeoning social media platform—to host live sessions where they generously dispense invaluable advice on business, free of charge. These interactions underscore their commitment to nurturing a community where direct support and guidance are readily available.

The inception of “Sell On Purpose” was motivated by a palpable need among entrepreneurs for assistance in bridging the gap between having a valuable product or service and successfully selling it. In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, propelled by technological advancements, sticking to outdated models is tantamount to stagnation. Recognizing this, Mauro and Tan have meticulously reimagined old business frameworks, ensuring they are primed for contemporary relevance.

At its core, “Sell On Purpose” is an intensive 30-day program that demands merely two hours weekly from its participants. However, what sets this program apart is not just its curriculum but its highly personalized approach. As leaders, Mauro and Tan are deeply involved with each participant’s journey, addressing all queries and ensuring that learning transcends traditional pedagogical boundaries.

This course promises not just knowledge but transformation—a shift from viewing sales as a daunting task to embracing them as opportunities for effortless revenue generation. The curriculum is engineered to instill new selling philosophies wherein participants don’t feel like they’re engaging in sales at all; instead, making money becomes an organic outcome of their interactions.

Currently seeking to fill 30 spots—with 7 already claimed—”Sell On Purpose” offers affordability coupled with flexible payment plans, ensuring no interested entrepreneur is left behind due to financial constraints.

Ianthe encapsulates the essence of this groundbreaking initiative with her words: “If you’re stuck with sales we want to help you.” It’s an invitation—a call to action for those yearning to break free from conventional shackles and explore selling through a lens unclouded by preconceived notions.

For those intrigued by this revolutionary approach to sales and wishing to embark on this transformative journey with Ianthe Mauro and Maria Tan as your guides, more information can be found at []( Here lies an opportunity not just for learning but for radical change—an opportunity to sell on purpose.

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