Selena Gomez Steps Away from Social Media After Reaching Most Followed Individual

This follows drama over Kylie Jenner and eyebrow situation

by Ivy June
Following a day of creating a frenzy of excitement amongst her fans and garnering widespread attention for her TikTok comments that had stirred up some speculated drama between her, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez decided to delete her account. According to Cosmopolitan, Gomez went on TikTok Live to share her reasoning behind her departure before completely deactivating her profile.
It all began when Gomez posted a video talking about how she accidentally overdid her eyebrows while laminating them. Not long after, Jenner posted a FaceTime screenshot featuring herself and Bieber, focusing on their eyebrows, as well as a selfie that contained the caption “this was an accident?????” on her own brows.
The former Disney star told her fans on TikTok Live, “I am so happy and so blessed with the best friends and the best fans in the entire world. I couldn’t be more grateful. I embrace my size and love the way I am. This situation is a bit too much and at 30, I am way too old for this. I will be taking a break from social media, but I love you all so much! I’ll see you guys soon.”
Earlier this month, Gomez chatted with Vanity Fair about why TikTok was the only social media app on her phone. She expressed that she felt “less hostile” on the app and that her team filters her posts through her assistant. They also preselect encouraging comments to show her.
After rumors started swirling that Jenner was seemingly taking a jab at Gomez, the latter had a video call on TikTok Live to tell her followers that she was alright. She added, “This is a little too silly for me and at 30 years old, I’m too old for this. I’m gonna be taking a break from social media for a bit.”
At the time of writing, Gomez has surpassed Jenner to become the most followed female on Instagram.

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