Routines That May Help You With Going Back Into The Office after Covid 19

Covid 19 return to work tips

There is not doubt that fear of germ spread is heavily thought of when it comes to returning to work after Covid 19. One question that arises is if one can get fired for refusing to return. the answer is yes. Most workers in the United States are employed “at will,” meaning that an employer can fire them for any reason that is not deemed legal.

However, there are laws that can protect you. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) grants workers the right to refuse to work if they believe workplace conditions could cause them serious imminent harm, Crotty says. For National laborers, they are protected under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) as essentially going on “strike for health and safety reasons.”

Nevertheless, if the work place practices proper social distancing, these laws may not be applicable to you. So what can you do to make your return more secure when it comes to your health?

For starters, take care of your facemask. According to  Lisa Maragakis, senior director of infection prevention it is a great idea to have at least two facemasks in case one is in the wash.

We know most jobs share a lunchroom, so it would be best to try to eat fresh, if you have enough time on a lunch break to buy a freshly cooked meal  this would be ideal. Having a heated meal will allow as many germs to be burned off as possible, and if you can not get it fresh makes sure it has been sealed. Sealed foods for lunches packed from home and snacks purchased would be ideal for making sure no one has breathed or sneezed or coughed over your food.

Bring gloves, wipes, and toilet liners to the public restroom. With all this do not forget to wash your hands properly after use, and yes you still want to have these items even if you are washing your hands. The idea is to keep your hands clean as best as you can. Gloves should be used when touching door to enter and leave the bathroom. If you do not have doors the paper napkin routine is useful as well.

Continue social distancing. If the conversation details between you and your co workers are too good to be shared with the office use IM chat if not against policy, or other forms of messaging to maintain the proper distance. LBS you really do not know who your co workers are around once they leave work to go home.

We knew we couldn’t stay home forever, unless you work for Twitter right. So stay safe, stay mindful, and stay getting money.

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