Plastic Surgeon Joveth Yañez from Guatemala to California

by Thewoodpr

Joveth Yañez empowered herself as a prominent plastic surgeon from her native Guatemala all the way to California. Over the years, she has developed a vision in anti-aging wellness and beauty, aiming to improve the aesthetics and health of her patients. She has brought this vision to life through a new concept called Perfecktha Med Spa.

She realized that advances in anti-aging technology allowed both women and an increasingly male clientele maintain a youthful appearance by combining the best medical techniques with traditional therapies.

With her knowledge of complementary therapies and a passion for the beauty industry, Joveth created PERFEKTHA Med Spa. lt naturally emerged from her vision, providing a single, relaxing venue where clients could receive the most advanced treatments for intelligent skincare, facial aesthetics, body sculpting, medical, and cosmetic procedures.

Joveth’s ethics, professionalism, and experience have played a crucial role in her success.

The spa is staffed by a group of doctors and nursing professionals with the highest degrees of education in the field of medicine.

Joveth’s changing the lives of many by providing them the opportunity to experience the comfort of aesthetic improvements and feel more beautiful and confident in their own skin.

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