by Siloam Lackey

Every entrepreneur who was once a part of the workforce has a breaking point. For Personal and
Professional Strategist, Wendy Hamlin, it was three years ago when she held a position as a
Public Administrator in the public school sector.

Before Hamlin reached her boiling point she began her career in the United States Navy. There
she served in active duty as well as in the reserves. Expectant of a child, she decided to focus on
being a mother. Following that she took on a job in the educational sector as a Teacher and
worked her way up to a Public Administrator. “My life has taken many roads,” said Hamlin.
As a Public Administrator, Hamlin described that she coached parents, students, community
leaders and faculty. According to Hamlin the experience she received working in the educational
system gave her the necessary tools to become the Personal and Professional Strategist that she is
today. “In a way, I was always a coach,” stated Hamlin. She went on to describe that she always
mentored those she worked with. At the top of Hamlin’s game she depicted that her job began to
take a physical and emotional toll on her. “Working in an urban school district, the resources
were limited but the needs were above and beyond what was available,” expressed Hamlin. The
demands of her job were high. She described that she cried over a period six months and couldn’t
understand why. At that point Hamlin began to take personal inventory of her life and she
realized that her current position was just a manifestation of something she had been doing her
entire life. Whenever a problem would arise, she accessed it, took care of it and moved forward.
Hamlin expressed that she did that so many times in her life. She revealed that for a long time
she wore masks really well. Nevertheless she didn’t realize the mental and emotional toll the ‘It
is what it is’ mentality took on her life. Hamlin likened her experience to that of standing in the
middle of the ocean by herself.

Her final straw was drawn when her health started to decline. Hamlin accounted that she
overcame cancer twice. This is the point where she decided to become a fulltime entrepreneur.
“It’s a journey,” stated Hamlin. She explained that while she believes prayer changes things, she
also believes you need someone else in your life who understands what you’re going through –
And that is where this Personal and Professional Strategist bridges the gap for her clients.
Hamlin revealed that most of her clients are apprehensive about taking a leap of faith due to fear
of the unknown. “There’s so many people that lead a double life, so to speak. But if you’re not
happy at your job then you’re not performing at your full potential,” articulated Hamlin. If
you’re unhappy with your job, this entrepreneur helps you to move from existing to really living.

She mentioned that she is currently working on a book entitled Awareness to Mastery finding
your true self and living your best life now. Hamlin explained that her book will help readers to
recognize the stumbling blocks that cause them to be stagnant in their personal and professional

For more information about Hamlin’s services as well as updates on her upcoming book visit her
website at

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