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by Thewoodpr

Recently Jhoiey Ramirez has been honored as one of the 50 most influential Filipinas in Los Angeles, a testament to her significant impact on the industry and community. She has a wonderful story of success and thrive between two continents following one passion.

She was always passionate about art and design her earliest painting that She still has to this day was dated 1984 when she was 10 years old. Her earliest decision to become a fashion designer, enrolled her in fashion school during the summer after high school graduation. Since her dad simultanusly still enrolled her in the college of architecture when the school year started she created her own version of the mandatory uniform of the University, due she always had managed to have her very own identity. LOR CALMA was a true renaissance man. One of the most worldwide, renowned architect, interior designer, a furniture maker, a jewelry designer, a sculptor, a painter, an artist!, has been one of her greatest influences through her carrer. She has really admire him and all his work and in her early years she had the opportunity to work with.

After ten years of being a sole principal of her studio, she pivoted to collaborate with two of her similarly accomplished colleagues with parallel career trajectory. Jhoiey steps into her new role as Creative Director for The Sycamore Collective, Inc., heading up a team-centric collaborative environment of highly talented individuals.

Ramirez has had a stint as a gallery curator at ChomaFlux at Santa Monica. Ca (2002) and She has done group and solo shows as a painter and sculptor and She has been a published poet too.

She continues to develop her own product line which is inspired by her goal to improve upon hers and her clients’ lifestyle. She serves as a consultant and mentor to other fabrication, design and development companies, sharing her knowledge and expertise. She has been involved in shaping young minds in design schools for over ten years, inspiring everyone she crosses paths with to improve their design ethos. She is a brand ambassador for some wellness and design products like Thermasol, Buster+Punch, among others.

Her travels have expanded her horizon in terms of global inspiration which compliments her clients’ lifestyle.

Her life is full with traveling, and enjoying entertaining family and friends in her home she built. Of course her special moments are bond by cuddling up with her English bulldog named Uvah, Uvah has evolved her design and integrate a lot of products and lines for dogs and dog owners too.

She expresses her creativity in art by honing skills in different mediums: photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, woodworking & glass blowing.

It’s been a constant motivation for Jhoiey not just going to pursue interior design but everything else she is passionate about. Jhoiey Ramírez will still do fashion, will still paint, will still do ceramics, and will still sculpt! She will be just like her idol and mentor LOR CALMA!


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