Non Essential Businesses That Were Still Thriving during The Pandemic

non essential businesses

Non essential businesses may have been on lockdown during the pandemic, but there were a few non essential businesses that actual thrived during these hard times.
With so many workers becoming unemployed, education became a top accomplishment. Former employees used the time to become certified in different careers or complete a degree. According to reports, between March 17 and April 16, overall U.S. enrollments have increased by 607% from the same period last year, with the greatest increase in enrollments in public health; social science, arts and humanities; and personal development courses.
The choice if continuing education became easier as free courses were made available. The courses were offered through learning sites like learning sites Coursera and edX. Students were able to listen on on the training for free, or pay a little more to complete homework and earn  a certificate. Rationally, many opted to receive certificates for the time they’ve spent learning.
Digital marketing agencies also expanded during the pandemic. Former employees took the time to turn their passions into money. Many turned to digital marketing to spread the word of their new businesses, sharing posts on social media platforms. Zoom was also a big source for Digital marketers, offering free intro training and networking opportunities.
The entertainment industry thrived during the pandemic as more people were staying home, and found movie time to be a great fit for family time. Many of the movies that would air in theaters made their way to streaming platforms. Entertainment in formatives offering media news with pandemic updates and entertainment alerts kept families abreast of great ideas for family time, and health alerts.
Health and Wellness industries succeeded through the pandemic as these hard times called for therapist and medical advice. Virtual doctors and nurses were available to assist with patient concerns through the click of a web device, easing the minds of infection concerns, and confirming infections.
Needless to say, seems as though 2020 was the year for online businesses.
Non Essential Businesses Non Essential Businesses Non Essential Businesses

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