New Modern Hair Growth Tips You Need

Bethenny Frankel gives viewers latest hair growth products

by Ivy June

Are you looking for the secrets of achieving long, healthy, and beautiful hair? You’re in the right place! This article will provide you with invaluable tips and advice on how to maximize your hair growth potential. Learn which products and lifestyle changes can help you get the luscious locks of your dreams. Get ready to take your mane game to the next level!

Hair growth supplements and serums are important for strengthening the hair follicles and promoting healthy, strong and longer hair. They can help to fortify the scalp, reduce excessive hair shedding and breakage, increase circulation to the scalp and improve the health of the strands. They provide essential vitamins and minerals that can help stimulate growth and can even help to prevent balding. Hair growth supplements and serums also help to repair damage caused by heat styling, coloring, and everyday styling. Lastly, these products can help men and women restore their confidence and look their best.

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Bethenny Frankel posted one of her reviews based on her current “hair health growth journey” as she attains healthy hair despite thinning that comes with age. There are a series of supplements and serums she has been taking that she claims are working for her. Below we also have recommendations.

The supplements:


Three Intensive Growth and Regrowth Serums:




Avoiding harsh chemicals and heat styling tools can also save the health of your hair. She briefly discusses not using hot tools unless she has a photo or video shoot. 

Remember the myth that if you brush your hair every night 100 times will promote growth? The truth is, brushing your hair too often can cause damage. Paradi Mirmirani, MD said in a CNN article, “…brushing causes friction on hair, leading to cuticle damage and breakage, which makes hair lusterless and frizzy.”

We should also avoid products that contain sulfates or parabens. You should also limit your use of styling products, as these can clog your pores and weigh down your hair.

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