Meet the woman behind the success of Sno Con Amor, Lauda Flores

by Ivy June

Sno Con Amor founder, Lauda Flores grew up in the kitchen of her Mom and Dad’s ice cream parlor, Los Alpes Paleteria, in Huntington Park. From the age of 8, she has been making Mexican bolis (popsicles), sno cones, & homemade syrup with unique and signature flavors. Flores was in a group of diverse women business owners who are part of the last Super Bowl event. She said catering at the after-party is a way of honoring her parents.

Since 2010, SNO CON AMOR has been dedicated to offering wholesome SNO CONES AND SNO POPS, handcrafted from fresh fruit, berries, herbs and flower infusions. SALUD!

“Artisanal Sno Cones & Sno Pops made with handcrafted syrups from ALL NATURAL ingrediants! That means no artificial flavors, colors or refined sugar.”

Sno Con Amor brings back the nostalgic feeling of eating raspados and bolis. But Flores said she wanted to share it in a unique way by creating a healthier option.

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