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As an entrepreneur, you sometimes hit detours and have to go through several instances of
redirection during your journey. But everything you learn along the way can be used to catapult
your business. No one knows this better than J Franco, Founder of Franco Innovative Marketing
and Media Agency.


This entrepreneur’s backstory is a versatile one. Prior to starting Franco Innovative in 2016, she
began her career in health and fitness as a personal trainer. Shortly after, she started a meal prep
business and makeup artistry business for female bodybuilders. She serviced clients in the
National Physique Committee and the International Federation of Body Building. Her meal prep
business took a hard hit after Hurricane Rita hit the Gulf of Mexico in 2005. However, she
continued her career as a professional makeup artist and was afforded the opportunity to travel
around the world doing makeup in the health and fitness industry.

Franco then hit a point during her career where she wanted to go back to school. She acquired
her MBA in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She then decided to
continue her education and acquired her second master’s degree in Communication Management
from the University of Southern California. While she studied to get her second master’s degree
she disconnected from the industry and focused solely on her education. While Franco was in
school she believed that she would work in corporate America as a Marketing Director once she
graduated but God had other plans. “I started to think maybe what I wanted for myself wasn’t
what God wanted for me,” revealed Franco.


Franco decided to launch her business just before she graduated from college. Aside from the
fear Franco felt from starting all over again, she hit another bump in the road. “I wasn’t picking
up any clients. I was like what is going on?” said Franco.
When social media became more popular, Franco described that things got more difficult for her.
“There’s a huge difference in the market now. Back then it was word of mouth and social media
wasn’t that big,” described Franco. Then she received her aha moment. “There’s no human
connection,” said Franco. That’s what was missing according to her. Once Franco realized this
she decided to launch her own personal brand so that she would be easily identifiable to her
clients. Immediately, she emailed all of her old clients and told them about her entrepreneurial
journey. She points out that she is not alone in this. According to Franco neglecting to make a
human connection is one of the biggest mistakes her clients make. “People forget that your
business needs to have a personality also,” expressed Franco.
In the end, her knowledge of health, fitness, and image combined with her knowledge of
marketing, social media management, communication, and branding helped her acquire the


prerequisites needed to create Franco Innovative – And it is a knowledge that Franco has been
obliged to pay forward to all of her clients.
For more information about Franco Innovative Marketing and Media Agency visit
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IG: @thejfranco
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