Marissa Luna: A Harmonious Symphony of Music, Pageantry, and Advocacy


Delve into the life of Marissa Luna, an extraordinary confluence of music, pageantry, and advocacy. Luna’s journey in the world of entertainment serves as an inspiring narrative of passion, dedication, and personal growth.

From a young age, Luna’s love for music and dance led her to the Red Mountain Theatre Company in Birmingham. Here, she harnessed her talents into formidable skills, leading to notable roles in various theater productions such as “Aladdin,” “The Wizard of Oz,” and “Hairspray.” Approaching her teenage years, Luna boldly chose online schooling to concentrate on recording music, signifying her unwavering commitment to her passion. 

Aiding Luna in this venture was vocal coach Jan Smith, a renowned artiste who has honed talents like Shania Twain, Usher, and Justin Bieber. With Smith’s guidance, Luna evolved, embedding her voice with exquisite textures and enhancing her versatility. As a southern-bred talent, Luna initially showed hesitation towards country music but later embraced its depth and richness, paving the way for her unique country-pop style.

Luna’s affection for music also fueled her journey into pageantry, as many competitions involve music-related sections. Luna’s debut on this platform saw her brilliance in full swing, with a winning performance at the National American Miss pageant. Her triumph propelled her to further success, eventually establishing her as Miss Alabama’s National American Miss Junior Teen.She is currently the 2024 Miss University of Alabama.

The Miss America organization significantly influenced Luna’s life, molding her into a confident and accomplished woman. She also aligned her efforts with a non-profit “More Than Meets the Eye,” advocating for individuals with hidden disabilities. Luna’s similarities with ADD and learning challenges make this endeavor extremely personal.

In the realm of music, Luna’s talent and the opportune moments seem to walk hand in hand. Luna met Peanutt Montgomery, a known figure in the music industry.for writing over 73 hits for George Jones. One remarkable moment was when Peanutt asked Luna to sing at his Hall of Fame induction, a testament to her escalating prowess in music. She also had the opportunity to open up for Yolanda Adams, a two time Grammy Award winner, under the direction of Dr. Henry Panion, a seven time Grammy Award winner.

Luna shares her excitement for her upcoming EP, hinting at a country-pop genre. Credited as collaborations with prominent figures like Ronnie Hall, and songwriter James LeBlanc, the EP is expected to be a melodic testament to Luna’s journey. Luna chooses to keep the title and release date under wraps, adding an anticipation flavor for the January 2024 release.

The EP found its voice in the iconic Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, known for its unique sound and historical significance of hosting artists like Aretha Franklin.

Luna’s advice to young women chasing similar dreams is the essence of self-belief. She urges them not to scrutinize their imperfections; instead, focus on their passion, determination, and personal growth. As she rightly states, “It’s not about perfection, but about who you are. It’s about the things that you’re passionate about and the legacy you’re trying to leave.”

Reflecting on Luna’s journey, one can observe a narrative punctuated by her persistent passion for music and pageantry, steadfast commitment towards advocacy work, and the courage to overcome challenges. She serves as a roving symbol of how a tenacious pursuit of dreams can sculpt a rewarding career in entertainment.

Most recently, Luna captivated her fans with a new Holiday Single with Robert Abernathy called “Christmas Eve Alone” adding a dash of joy to the festive season.

To follow Marissa Luna’s inspiring journey, connect with her on Instagram (, Spotify (, and Facebook ( Delve into her world of music, advocacy, and unstoppable growth.

Add her new song “Christmas Eve Alone” with Robert Abernathy to your Holiday playlist! 

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