Luz Correa, Creator of Unique Chic Events, Pursues Financial Independence Against All Odds

by Thewoodpr

Luz Correa is a Mexican immigrant since her school years, after only a few years of being in this country she had to create her own business in order to provide for herself and her family. 

A whole family team join a family business and during the year she had a power family members and not only her kids by showing them that hard work and discipline can take you really far.

Against all odds, without a masters degree on business, she create a family business about her passion, event, design, and planning. This company has changed her point of view of business be proved that she could be a great business manager and administrator, skills that also reflect in her household.

Her achievements are well recognized and acknowledged in the community as well as her presence in humanitarian work.

Her perseverance and faith have been a constant motivation as well as her main core strength her kids.


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