Lorell Lane Queen Of Facebook Marketing

Lorell Lane

Lorell Lane will influence you to set aside your negative theories on the power of Facebook and Instagram ads. Her dynamic skills are undeniably profitable. With one click to her page you will not be able to escape her ads on any social media platform. She knows the secret to staying in front of the competitors.


Lorell graduated college and dived into the industry for television advertisement. She worked her position in T.V advertisement for 8 years.


“My job for a living was to create and plan T.V commercial campaigns for fortune 500 companies, and then manage them over the course of years. So it was really a high demand position and it put me in a place where I learned so much about advertising.”


After Lorell graduated from F.I.U in Miami, majoring in marketing and advertising, she quickly found herself needing to make a decision in the direction of her career.


“I just had to make a decision and say, where do I want to end up. Do I want to go to an ad agency where we’re putting together all these cool creative things, or am I going to go over to the media side because of the production and sales side of things, and I’m a numbers girl, I like money. So when I saw the difference between the two I said, let me try out the sales side and see what this is all about.”


Choosing her career Lorell was able to gain the secrets to advertising and marketing used by successful companies like Viacom, NBC, The CW and more.


“To be honest, it was everything I thought it would be. I was in show business. I didn’t realize though, all the money that goes behind it and how every single thing in the media is really built on business. I know a lot of people from the consumer side, we look at news outlets and TMZ’s and entertainment companies, and we say oh this isn’t business, but everything is based on numbers. That was just a big eye opener for me. If it’s not about money they don’t care.”


Branching from her previous career, Lorell Lane has become the teacher to many other CEOs and business owners, teaching them the techniques that made her successful in the advertisement industry.  These techniques allow other companies to scale their business revenue using social media advertisement. Her skills have been featured on Fox, and ABC.


“What’s really cool is learning from all of these different industries, so with my experience I am able to help them, but they are actually teaching me new things too.”


Lorell has worked with companies from all industries including the beauty industry. She is able to maintain her busy work life with the help of her children’s Father.

“It’s hard. Especially now, more than ever with the pandemic everyone is home 24/7. It’s crazy. I’m surprised my children aren’t busting in here now, but we have a really good system here at home. Me and their father, we are really good with teamwork, and he holds things down while I’m working and doing things like this. For the most part I will say that’s the beauty of what I do too. Because the businesses are run with ads, I was able to spend more time with the family regardless. It’s doing a lot of the heavy work for me.”


Lorell also received strategy help for her business from Danielle Leslie, who is the founder of Culture Ads, helping businesses launch profitable products online.


“A lot of people think I’m going to college, but I have the degrees I went to N.Y.U, I got certified in visual marketing, but none of that compares to real world experience and doing this for companies and having that big responsibility of, if we don’t see revenue you’re not doing your job.”


“I had quite a few mentors within the corporate world but other than that after I left it was more about figuring it out, and applying those same strategies that I use with my clients. I actually was coached by Danielle Leslie, not necessarily with ads but she helped me package up the skill set to branch out on my own.”


During the process Lorell has learned the best advice to success is “to practice and really perfect your skills.”


“When I made the decision to leave the corporate world, and do this full time for myself I had to decide am I going to keep trying to play around and see how it turns out, or am I going to put some skin the game and invest in myself in education, in coaches, and mentors to teach me the right way. If it wasn’t for my first mentor I would probably still be looking around and trying to figure out what I can offer to somebody. It took an expert to help me realize it’s what I already do and love everyday.”


Lorell realized that her passion for advertising was the key to her success, allowing her to help others succeed. Because of her passion and understanding of how powerful marketing and advertising is, Lorell hosts a free training to get CEOs and business owners a foot in the door to boosting their brand and gaining success with their business.


“I want to be able to reach out and help people face to face. I want to help thousands of people who are just like me. Maybe moms, or women of color, or just small business owners helping them to come up and just find a way to get more freedom without having to chase the next sale.”


We are so sure there are plenty of business owners that could use this kind of help. Lorell makes it simple to join the training and boost business profits by offering it through her website and accessible through Facebook and Instagram. Instead of driving into a wall with media ads it may be smart to steer towards Lorell Lane for the social media advertising queens direction.

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