Beating Cancer and building empires with Cindy Morel


Cindy Morel will help you get your life and get that bag. The transformation queen is teaching others how to transform their lives with a hefty prize at the end. Her $10,000 dollar transformation challenge exercises the body and the mind with expertise from a well experienced journey.

Morel’s expertise in life transformation started in December of 2014. At the time she worked as the Director of Underwriting in Florida. Although she worked in a successful business she didn’t feel confident.

“I was at that space where I wasn’t feeling confident. I was overweight. I had reached 180lbs. I was feeling terrible. At this point my sister was like, come on, you know, I lost 40lbs on these products (herbalife), I can help you.”

Like most women Morel knew she could gain her confidence on her own, and opted to go to the gym. The same month she would face a bigger turn of events in her health.

“ During that December, my family came over to visit. I was taking a shower, felt a lump, and I was like, Let me ignore it, maybe it will go away because I had so much weight. I was like, Oh, maybe it’s just fat.”

The lump did not go away. January of 2015 Morel joined a weightloss challenge. Determined to win the challenge she started to lose the weight but noticed the lump becoming more noticeable.

April of 2015, Cindy Morel went to the doctor to find out that she had stage four breast cancer.

“ At this point my life was just a little bit insane. So what made me start the business (challenge) is that I feel that at that point, if I had not been introduced to the products (herbalife) or even introduced to the challenge, I would have kept on going the way that I was going.”

Cindy Morel notes the weight loss challenge and it’s success as a major part of self discovering breast cancer.

“Because I had so much mass, it was very difficult for me to feel it. So I don’t know where I would have been at this point. I’m super grateful that someone did that for me. And I wanna be that for someone else, Not just specifically just because of an illness, because it does not cure or treat any diseases. But, um, just the weight. The weight loss was a big impact for me.”

Transforming her body and life did not come easy, however, he knew she had a calling to follow.

“I had so many naysayers like, Why are you working on this? This doesn’t make sense. My ex CEO was like, you know, you’re wasting your time doing this. Like I don’t understand your mission focused on building your career. And so I feel like for me, that has been the hardest thing.”

Nevertheless, that did not stop her. As she learned to push through the naysayers, and transform her physical and mental health, she was determined to help others so the same thing.

“What I say is you have to go with your heart. I feel like we’re all inspired by the way we connect. I’m gonna give you 100% but you have to give me 100%. “

The challenge starts with transforming your habits in order to transform your body and mind.

“ I did this thing called 75 hearts. The purpose of the challenge is to build mental toughness. I failed 6 times. Habits are so important, and we don’t realize how much our habits influence. They are really our future and our lives overall. I didn’t give up because everything is a journey. “

Morel now uses her experience and her learnings through her 21 day challenge that also offers a totaling 10,000 dollar transformation prize. The challenge also includes a meal plan for individuals who want to lose or gain weight.

“Their confidence helps them to become the better version of themselves.”

So how can you level up for 2021 with Cindy Morel? By joining Morel’s challenge via this link here or reaching out to Cindy Morel via social media at Cindym_73.

Check out her live interview with our sister station Business and Entrepreneur TV.

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