Jerushia Mcdonald, an Ambassador to the Global Community


Jerushia McDonald, mother of best-selling author, Patrina Wisdom, refers to herself as an Ambassador to the Global Community and has taken the necessary strides to live up to that role. What started out as Women with A Vision in 1989; Jerushia spoke to people of different ages, nationalities, religious background, or no religious background that moved to Africans Cry Gathering with the purpose and mission: To unite, heal, atone, and celebrate the reuniting of the “African’s Diaspora,” which is now Global United Voices Network; initially created to bridge the gap among peace and nations. Jerushia is a self-promoter that travels to different parts of the world, documenting her journey, while spreading peace amongst the beings she crosses paths with. She is then fortunate enough to be invited to speak in various locations to spread her message of structuring unity to bring about power.

Native of Las Vegas, NV, a single mother at 16, Jerushia started her life in the fashion and entertainment industry when she performed with her siblings in a small band called McDonald Five, at small shows in Vegas. She then went on to become a print and fashion model and the First African American full-figured model to appear in Vogue Magazine, Essence Magazine, and Ebony Magazine. She has also appeared on shows like the Oprah Winfrey Show, Phil Donahue Show, and Good Morning America. For her, her experiences coupled with challenges on her spiritual journey has kept her on the path of production. She believes that the events that happened in her life were intentional and a part of
her journey, relying on her faith and experiences to bring her through any adversity she would face. She
has much more in store other than the traveling that she plans to produce and was very excited to share
the details.

She is working on writing three books. The first book is called Return to the Garden which will put Eve on a different level, with a Disney and Avatar feel that will awaken the true versions of women. Her second book, Evolving Woman will highlight the steps of the journey of a woman coming into her spirituality and becoming one with herself. The third book, Black Cross will examine slave descendants and their experiences and how it may tie to empowering women so that they may further empower their families and communities. What’s most important to Jerushia is that we are always mindful of the challenges that will come when “we do what we do, in order to let go and move onto the next phase of life when it’s our time.”

She has been presented with the Cincinnati Ohio Key for participation in a peace rally, served as a mentor, a volunteer, board member, and community activist and plans to continue to extend herself to men and women from all walks of life as she sees fit. In addition, she wants to continue using technology to build bridges by building her own production company in radio and television. She is currently working to relaunch The Evolving Woman which is a talk show in the form of the series. The programs foundation is scriptural as well as real testimonies from women with various backgrounds. Topics are women and their visions, health, family, politics, eye on news, and careers or simply tapping into those buried parts that are yearning to be set free. She also plans to start meeting with men in Las Vegas to start a talk show with dialogue and or open mic about going into the next phase of life and examining ways to be a better person. She has traveled to various countries including Africa, Kenya, South Africa, North Korea, Switzerland, Nepal, Bali, Thailand, and America. Jerushia feels that each journey she travels, births something deeper showing her where
there is unity, there is power.

Website: WWW.JerushiaUnScripted.Me
Instagram: @Jerushia_unscripted_unplugged

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