Isa Gutierrez is Embracing her “True Love” and Empowering Women in Hollywood

by Thewoodpr

At just 22 years old, Colombian/Argentinian actor Isa Gutierrez is making solid steps in Hollywood with her passion for art and deep emotions. Based in Los Angeles, California, Isa is not only a talented performer but also a dedicated advocate for women’s empowerment in the entertainment industry.

From an early age, Isa found solace and inspiration in the world of storytelling, starting with acting in musicals and theatre plays in Cartagena, Colombia. Her journey led her to pursue formal training at the “Instituto Universitario de Bellas Artes y Ciencias de Bolivar,” where she honed her craft and developed a deep-rooted love for performance and expression.

Beyond her acting endeavors, Isa is also a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment in the entertainment industry.

Determined to chase her dreams, Isa made the bold move to the United States to pursue her passion for acting. Graduating from The New York Film Academy with a Bachelor in Acting for Film in 2019, Isa’s dedication to her craft has propelled her into a diverse range of roles in film and theatre.

Now, Isa is gearing up to showcase her latest project, “True Love,” to the world. As the writer, co-producer, and star actor of this short film, Isa poured her heart and soul into creating a meaningful and impactful story.

Presenting last weekend at the Worldwide Women’s Film Festival in Phoenix, Arizona, this project promises to be a defining moment in Isa’s burgeoning career, setting the stage for her future success in Hollywood.

Through her work and dedication, Isa hopes to inspire and uplift other young women to pursue their dreams fearlessly and break barriers in the male-dominated world of Hollywood.

With her talent, determination, and commitment to empowering women, Isa Gutierrez is poised to make a lasting impact on the entertainment industry and inspire future generations of female artists to embrace their true selves and pursue their passions with courage and conviction.


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