How Women in Entrepreneurship Are Changing Business

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Today, more and more women in entrepreneurship are taking the lead in their fields despite the odds stacked against them.

Companies rarely offer women are rarely offered C-level senior positions. Only a handful of big companies out there are appointing women as their CEOs. We have an incredibly long way to go to get more women in senior positions in many industries.

Women in Entrepreneurship is on the Rise in the US

But the statistics haven’t stopped many women, who have started to take matters into their own hands. How, you ask? Through entrepreneurship. Women in entrepreneurship has increased 70 percent in the last two decades. This is the way women are advancing in their careers – by running their own business their own way.

About 12.3 million women run their own businesses in the US. This is better for other women as well, as women CEOs will not hesitate on putting other talented women in senior positions. So this is a win-win situation. The best part is that women are running very successful businesses as entrepreneurs!

Women of color in entrepreneurship has also increased by 163 percent in the last 45 years! In the US alone, more than 70 percent of the new companies in the last 20 years were started by women of color.

Women Are Starting Businesses Globally

You might assume that this trend toward increasing female entrepreneurship is only in the US and other western countries like Europe. But that’s not true. One-third of small, medium, and large businesses around the world are owned by women, subverting traditionalists’ expectations. One true area of concern is the Middle East, where women own less than 10 percent of the businesses.

Interesting Facts about Women in Entrepreneurship

Is running a business a young woman’s game? Not at all! More than half of women who operate their own businesses are between 40 and 59 years old.

And did you know that startups founded by women earn twice as much money as those men start? Way to work it, ladies!

Women might be held back in some well-established companies or industries, and we still have a lot to do to get women equal representation in the business culture. Women are, however, doing great in running their own companies!

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