‘Glee Star’ Amber Riley gives advice after successful weight loss journey

Amber Riley works hard on appearancea

by Ivy June
Amber Riley is giving an insight into her eating habits. On February 10th, the Masked Singer champion posted an Instagram video while preparing one of her preferred salads.
She wrote in the caption: “A LOT of people inquire me about my ‘diet’. I do NOT diet. I eat in a way that honors my body’s needs. I do not deny myself food, but I also don’t indulge excessively and prefer cooking to eating out.”
In the video, the Glee alum divulged that although she does not like arugula and spinach, she does enjoy sprouts and must add them to all of her salads. The 36-year-old also added pears, strawberries, and cheese to her bowl.
I’ve put in a great deal of work through therapy to rebuild my relationship with food,” the caption read. “I’m still learning and unlearning things. This salad is one of my go-to meals. It’s satisfying and really satisfying! I hope that you like it!”
Recently, Riley has utilized social media to emphasize her selflove journey. In June 2022, she posted a video of herself wearing shorts, with the caption “There was a time when I wouldn’t be caught dead in shorts. Now I’m like, LET THEM EAT CAKE.”

In the same month, Riley spoke out on Instagram about men messaging her only after her weight loss, labeling it “fatphobic.” She declared that nothing has altered other than the scales. Riley commented to Yahoo Life in 2021 about how self-love is an ongoing choice that needs to be made every day.

She stated, “It’s not a destination, where you are confident and loving yourself all the time. It’s a continuous journey and something you select to do daily.”

When asked about practices that promote her mental health the most, Riley mentioned that having a routine helps. She wakes up at 9:30, takes her dog on a walk and goes out in nature to take in the sun. Riley concluded that having activities throughout the day that make her content, tranquil, or elated is crucial.


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