Five reasons women should not rely on men when it comes to finances


Whether said as a joke or in a meaningful manner, today’s feminism movement is characterized by the ‘strong, independent woman.’ While it’s okay to rely on friends and family for support from time to time, the only way to really live life fully is through your own independence, especially financially, even if you have a partner who you believe will take care of you. 

Money can be a difficult subject, but it doesn’t have to be. If you take the time to learn how to be in control of your own finances, you will truly be in control of your life, and thus, your destiny.

  1. Your safety net

First and foremost, being financially independent will mean you have a backup plan for unexpected life events. In the event that you might suddenly find yourself divorced or widowed, you will want to be prepared. Divorce and separation are still happening at high rates, and science has shown women tend to live longer than men. When tragedy strikes, you don’t want to be learning the ropes of handling the financials when you are in emotional distress. 

  1. Independence to do your own thing

People often say money is power, and it is especially true in a relationship. You shouldn’t have to ask permission to buy female products or a new pair of shoes. With your own money, you don’t have to. It will also give the freedom to remove yourself from an unhealthy relationship if you find yourself in one. You won’t have to stay with him for his money, if you have your own. 

  1. Investment in the future

With your own money, you will be able to invest it how you want. If you have hopes in dreams you would someday like to pursue, set aside a portion of your money so you can do it. Women often sacrifice a lot in a relationship, especially once there are kids in the picture. If you can be smart with your money, you won’t have to sacrifice your hopes and dreams. 

  1. Confidence

As you learn how to handle yourself financially, you’ll feel more confident in yourself and your capabilities in general. You’ll be taking control of your financial destiny, and it will build your confidence as a woman and a true partner in the relationship, even affecting your self-esteem and confidence in other areas of your life.

  1. Be a role model

Women who are financially independent can show young girls in their life, especially their children, not only what financial independence looks like, but what independence and confidence looks like in general. By being a responsible person with your money, you are teaching your children the importance of thinking for themselves and being their own person. And they’ll likely learn to be financially independent too. 

Financial independence is something every woman should strive for. While it may be difficult and not always fun, in the long run, it will keep you in good shape for whatever life throws your way. 

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