Empathy & Empowerment: Vanessa Valente’s Lifelong Mission To Impact Women’s Lives


Few women possess the innate sense of empathy, the ability to lend an ear to the unheard stories, paralleled by the determination and desire to create lasting impact on women’s lives as Vanessa Valente does. Vanessa, the warm-hearted founder of her self-named brand, and passionate advocate for the welfare of women, is a figure who stands for empowerment and inspiration.

At the very core of Vanessa’s empathetic nature, the profound interest she takes in gathering life-stories of individuals is undeniably evident. Having recognized her empathetic nature during a stimulating small group session at her local church, Vanessa unearthed a fierce desire to bring about change in the lives of women afflicted with deep-seated traumas. Experiencing the effects of shared heartache first-hand spurred Vanessa to carve out a supportive sanctuary for women called Peaceful Pathways, an environment tailored to facilitate healing, bolster self-confidence and ultimately, empower lives while navigating the challenges of grief and trauma. 

Uniting such a diverse cohort of women and making impactful connections require advanced communication skills, an area in which Vanessa has excelled throughout her career. Whether delivering compelling speeches, engaging in exhilarating discussions, or narrating captivating stories, Vanessa’s communication skills stem from a solid foundation of public speaking honed over time. From her early career to her on-stage appearances in school plays, Vanessa’s public speaking journey has continuously evolved, enhancing her ability to connect meaningfully with her audience.

Beyond her professional life, Vanessa firmly believes in the transformative power of daily rituals centered on affirmations and self-empowerment. She underscores the influence of these affirmations in triggering the formation of neural pathways that guide our thoughts and actions. Vanessa’s devotion to daily communication with God serves as an integral part of her well-being. These daily instances of connection and reflection are further amplified by her personal self-care rituals. Simple acts such as washing her face before bed, wrapping her hair, and moisturizing her feet, make Vanessa feel good about herself, boosting her confidence and enhancing her external beauty.

Vanessa’s unwavering strength and resilience can be traced back to her upheaval-ridden childhood experiences, which left a significant mark on her life journey. Witnessing her mother grapple with stress and anxiety, ignited a steely resolve within Vanessa to avoid the same path and aim for a life filled with joy and fulfillment instead. These experiences only strengthened Vanessa’s fortitude, serving as a vivid reminder of the importance of resilience and personal growth.

For those young women who aspire to become public speakers or motivators, Vanessa’s advice is clear – harness the power of reading. The ability to structure sentences coherently, use correct grammar, and apply accurate syntax is gleaned from exposure to a myriad of writing styles. Vanessa advocates for reading as a tool to widen one’s knowledge, increase depth of understanding, and garner wisdom. She also encourages young women to strike a balance between versatility and adaptability, skills pivotal to personal and professional growth.

As Vanessa candidly admits, “It’s tough for me to be vulnerable and be open with people. I’m an empath, and so I feel emotion through others. I’m seeking healing, and I want to be firm in my standards and who I am, with no room for compromise by 2024.” By drawing parallels between her emotional journey and her overarching goal, Vanessa allows us an intimate glimpse into her vision of creating a sustainable impact on women’s lives.

Whether it is through her personal brand or her dedicated efforts in helping women, Vanessa continues to use her voice to inspire, motivate and empower. As her journey unfolds, her dedication to making a meaningful impact on women’s lives remains unshaken, driven by her belief in effective communication, personal growth and deep empathy. Vanessa is entering the next phase of her career ready to empower women. Vanessa’s actions continue to resonate far and wide, leaving an indelible imprint on many lives, as she remains a beacon of hope for all women seeking healing and empowerment. Her commitment to uplifting other women is only growing stronger as she achieves her own hard-earned accomplishments.

For more insights into Vanessa’s inspiring journey, follow her on Instagram (www.linktr.ee/vanillaknowsbest) or visit the website www.linktr.ee/vanillaknowsbest.

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