Diahnna Nicole Baxter is the founder of Trauma to Transformation LLC and is a certified Transformational Life Coach for women of color. She focuses on power, divinity, and sexuality and believes that her life experiences prepared her for the journey she is on now.

If that doesn’t spark your interest, she is an Emmy Award-winning content creator for Black women. “I was pulled by vision and pushed by pain. Consciousness has been the source of my supply,” she states.

After being laid off from an entertainment technology company after seven years, Diahnna wanted to cultivate a life where she showed up in the best ways to serve her community and make a big impact. She was certified and trained in trauma coaching in 2020 and now manages a caseload of 12 1:1 clients on a quarterly basis, and groups for no more than 30 people, for 12 weeks, three times per year.  She also holds in person retreats four times a year during every solstice. With a background as a kundalini yoga instructor, Baxter was adamant about homing in on mental health and wellness of others.

She wants overachievers to focus on learning how to be more of themselves, which is an ongoing practice of being forgiving of themselves. Her client’s lives expand with more ease, joy and overall confidence. Their renewed relationships to themselves and life, proves the effectiveness of her sessions.

Baxter stresses the importance of investing in one’s self financially, mentally, and physically and is currently working on finding space and investors, hiring, and building her team in the next year. The vision for Trauma to Transformation is to become accessible around the world to women of color and have more freedom to find more people to hold spaces for. She is also planning to travel to Kenya to coordinate her next Homecoming Retreat after co facilitating a retreat at Mount Shasta in California in the past.

Upon wrapping up our conversation, Baxter confidently quoted “results don’t take time, they take courage.”

To learn more about Diahnna, follow her on IG @diahnnanicole

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