Claudia Jordan Creates All Black Female Production Company

by Ivy June

Claudia Jordan has pleasantly surprised her fans with an exclusive and informal revelation. In collaboration with her companions Chancee and Roberta, Claudia has established a pioneering production enterprise. This new venture, named CCR Productions, stands as a remarkable example of a Black female-owned enterprise, with its title derived from the initials of the founders.

The trio’s inaugural event is fast approaching, scheduled for October 28th in the heart of Louisiana. Devotees of Claudia and her friends can secure their presence by acquiring tickets to be part of this anticipated gathering.

Claudia enthusiastically unveiled the news in a recent Instagram video, expressing, “I want to announce something. Announcing the formation of a production company with myself, Miss Chantee, and Roberta, known as CCR Productions. We have our first live show in Seaport, Louisiana October 28th. Details will be dropped soon.”

With the promise of more to come, enthusiasts are advised to remain connected for further updates!

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