Chrisean Rock Is Having A Baby!

by Anthoni Duncan

Chrisean Rock has announced that she and the rapper Blueface are going to have a baby. However,  her on-again/off-again boyfriend is denying that the baby is his. It’s not a coincidence that she made this announcement on the day he celebrated his 26th birthday. His reaction to it was not exactly what we expected. 

The TikTok star, 22, shared the big news in her Instagram stories on Friday. In a video that shows her wearing a pink velour jogging suit with a crop top and walking excitedly through a doctor’s office on the way to get her first checkup recently emerged. When the influencer is seated in a chair, she asks the nurse if she’ll be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. The nurse didn’t answer but said she’ll be back to talk to her in a few minutes. 

Not The Reaction We Expected

HipHopDX tells us Blueface has declared that his relationship with Chrisean Rock has  come to an end. This was following her announcement that she is expecting their first child. He went on Twitter to tweet “To answer y’all questions yes me an rock are officially done it’s strictly business I tried it and clearly it wasn’t giving before she announces,” he wrote. “She’s pregnant with somebody else’s child, not mine [prayer hands emoji].”

He went on to support the allegation in a later tweet that read: “Rock has had encounters with 10 different men in the last year until I see DNA test then it’s not mine [shrug emoji].”

In December, Chrisean Rock admitted  she and her on-again-off-again partner have terminated at least three pregnancies. That was  during the course of their relationship. She also told the hosts of the Know For Sure podcast that she might potentially be pregnant again. After their initial Twitter exchange on Friday, Chrisean Rock and Blueface continued to throw jabs at each other on the platform. Rock also revealed to her followers that the couple had already called it quits before she announced that she was expecting.

We don’t know for sure if this means that Chrisean and Blueface are truly done with each other. It could be another publicity stunt. It could be the real thing. This on-again and off-again relationship has most definitely been a rocky one. It’s kind of like a bomb waiting to go off. Fans are hoping this baby “sits her down.” But we will know in a few days. And yes, I said a few days. 


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