Chelsea Weiman Redefines International Modeling

by Thewoodpr

Chelsea Weiman, an internationally renowned top model, continues to make waves in the industry with her recent notable works. She showcased her versatility and talent by starring in a music video alongside Steve Aoki and Guayanaa, adding her captivating presence to the visual storytelling. Additionally, Chelsea collaborated with OFIR beauty, a new vegan and American brand, for an exciting makeup campaign, showcasing her passion for cruelty-free beauty. Furthermore, she made an impact in the music world by appearing in Nick Cannon’s music video “Eyes Closed,” captivating audiences with her captivating on-screen presence. To top it off, Chelsea lent her beauty and expertise to a makeup campaign for Merle Norman cosmetics, further solidifying her influence in the cosmetics industry. With her impressive portfolio of recent projects, Chelsea Weiman continues to be a sought-after talent, leaving her mark on both the fashion and entertainment worlds.

Embracing the opportunities that come her way, Chelsea has made Los Angeles her home, where she continues to thrive and contribute to the dynamic fashion scene of the city.

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