CEO Tonita Bybee-Jackson Helps You Become the Best Version of Yourself

by Ana Vergara

We all remember Tonita Bybee-Jackson who owns “Savvy Girl Consulting.”  It was nice to chat again about what she has been up to lately.  She is rebranding Savvy Girl where before she managed people and brands, now she is only focusing on brands.  I asked her why the change and she said,” I learned a tough lesson, I am in the middle of suing two girls that I use to manage for defamation of character.  Its okay to defend your brand because people will try to attack it.”  She added, “You don’t get to use my past against me.  You don’t get to use my testimony of how you can change and become the best version of yourself as a tool to defame me.”  She continued to tell me that her life and journey is a collection of her past pains, failures and mistakes.  I remember our past interview and Tonita is my definition of a boss lady that overcame everything that was meant to take her down, but she lifted herself up and now does it all.

Now being the boss lady that she is she has rebranded her business.  She has several commercial buildings such as in Cleveland Ohio, Downtown Atlanta and now in Riverdale Georgia. In her new spot she plans to do parking lot pop ups, food truck with free food in order to promote the business and welcome new clients.  Tonita is an Allied Healthcare Educator and teaches people to become homecare aids to service elderly and disabled as well being and American Heart Association Instructor.  What I love is that she also teaches others how to do what she does.  She has created eBooks and workbooks to help others.  I asked her if in her new Riverdale location, she will be having in person classes.  She said, “Yes in person and online.”  Also get this, she will have space for podcasters. So, if you are looking to create your own podcast but don’t have a location you might want to give Tonita a call.  The space is also available if you need a virtual office space with mail delivery and conference room.

I remember Tonita having a podcast of her own and I wanted to know how that is coming along.  It is still going strong where you can find on Roku, “Talk Savvy to me, 7pm, Thursday’s est.”  She talks about lifestyle, business, local news all in one hour time frame.

Tonita continues to be the Chief Marketing Manager as well as Operation Manager for Alpha Magazine.  The magazine tells stories which can be found on news stands and online.  What best describes it is that they cover high fashion, lifestyle editorials and a human empowerment magazine for both men and woman.  She also still owns Savvy Talent Management Group.

I wanted to know what advice she has for people who are struggling to reinvent themselves.  She said, “I would let others know that its okay to reinvent yourself.  You are not starting from scratch; you are starting from experience, and I am excited to move forward.”  Which just spoke to me because it’s true.  Tonita also included that sometimes people will attack your brand and it’s okay to defend it because it’s your brand.  I want to thank Tonita for sharing her story.  It’s not easy to be open but she spoke the truth.  Like I said before and I will say it again.  She is an example of someone who will never give up, a true warrior.  I can’t wait to see your launch of your new location.  Make sure you guys follow her on all her social media platforms to stay connected with her and her story.


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