Celebrating Women Empowerment through Literature: Grethel Delgado’s “Don’t Talk to Me about Cuba”

by Thewoodpr

Grethel Delgado is a prominent Cuban author known for her contributions to the literary world. With a career spanning several decades, she has gained recognition for her works in theater and poetry. Delgado has published three theater books: “Mariposas,” “Mi familia ideal,” and the plaquette de poesía “Necesidad de los cultos.”

Her unique perspectives and storytelling abilities have earned her well-deserved recognition both within Cuba and internationally, solidifying her position as a significant voice in contemporary literature.

Throughout her career, Grethel Delgado has been the recipient of numerous literary awards. Among her notable accolades, she was recognized as a finalist of the VII Aura Estrada International Prize for Literature (Mexico-USA) in 2021. Her talent in theater has also been acknowledged with awards such as the XVII Theater Award from the University of La Laguna (Spain) in 2014, the Theater Calendar Award in Cuba in 2012, the Pinos Nuevos Theater Award in Cuba in 2011, and the David Theatre Award in Cuba in 2009.

As an influential figure in Cuban literature, Grethel Delgado continues to captivate readers with her thought-provoking and engaging works in theater and poetry.

Beyond her written works, Grethel Delgado actively engages with her audience through social media. Interested readers and fans can connect with her on Twitter, where she can be found at @GrethelDelgado_, and on Instagram, where she shares her literary journey under the handle @gretheldelgadoa.

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