Aria, the Healer who Empowers Women through Ritual Medicine and Shamanic Experiences

by Thewoodpr

Aria is a remarkable healer who specializes in ritual medicine and shamanic experiences, focusing on spiritual healing, soul enhancement, and health practices. With a strong emphasis on women empowerment, she offers various medicinal ceremonies and provides training for facilitators and medicine practitioners, aiming to share her wisdom and practice for the benefit of others.

Having received extensive training as a Missoko Bwiti Maboundi (bwiti medicine woman), Aria’s expertise stems from her tutelage under a 10th generational Bwiti Nima (High Shaman). What sets her apart is that she is the only medicine woman in the world authorized by this high Shaman to serve kambo alongside iboga, demonstrating her deep understanding and safety measures required for working with this potent medicine.

Aria’s journey has taken her to live and work with indigenous tribes, including the Quechua in Ecuador and Shipibo in Peru, where she delved into Ayahuasca and other master plant medicines. Over nearly a decade, she has traveled the world, honing her craft and gaining invaluable experience serving and teaching Kambo and Bufo medicines.

Her extensive travels and collaborations with indigenous communities have enriched her knowledge and qualifications, ensuring that clients can trust in her expertise.

To share her knowledge and practices, Aria extends an invitation to Joshua Tree, California, where she hosts intensive four-day workshops. Participants will benefit from wisdom sharing, step-by-step instructions, ceremonial tools, personal Kambo sticks, guidance on ceremony building, dot placement and number, personal ceremonies led by Aria, self-administration for four days, animal facilitation techniques, training books, sananga facilitation, protocols for chronic conditions, and the opportunity to offer the medicine to private clients.

Her intention is to foster leaders and ceremonialists, offering guidance and confidence to enhance or lead their own ceremonies. Aria’s mentorship extends well beyond the training, providing invaluable support when working with complex clients and large groups.

Aria’s approach is not only rooted in spirituality but also emphasizes practical success. She believes that with proper training, individuals can make back their tuition within the first month. Many of her clients have achieved this, with some even running high-end retreats globally. Aria’s vast experience and consistent success in serving medicines worldwide make her an invaluable resource, and she is honored to share her knowledge with others.

Throughout the training, Aria also focuses on business and confidence building, retreat building, Kambo facilitator certification, and lifelong mentorship and support within her community

As the popularity and effectiveness of jungle medicine increase, Aria recognizes the importance of proper training in a Western setting as a foundation for success. Her training offers a bold opportunity for individuals to step into their power, and she is committed to guiding their journey towards success. With Aria as a mentor, individuals can embrace their potential and contribute to the healing and empowerment of others.

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