Amanda Bynes Found Wandering the Streets Alone

The former actress overcomes mental health challenges

by Ivy June
Early Sunday morning, TMZ reported that Amanda Bynes had been discovered wandering the streets, unclothed. Apparently, she flagged down a passing car and recognized that she had experienced a psychotic episode. She even made a call to 911 and that’s how she was found.
The former actress has dealt with bipolar disorder and had just come to the end of her 8 year conservatorship.
Once Amanda was located by herself, she was taken to the nearest police station and the mental health team established that she required psychiatric help. Therefore, she was kept under a 72 hour hold.
At present, the star is safe in a mental institution receiving the attention she requires. It is feasible that she may stay longer than the necessary 3 days.
In light of the events, discussions of a new conservatorship have been coming up; however, her parents, Lynn and Rick, have ruled out that idea. Despite being distressed like all parents are for their child’s welfare, they remain optimistic that she will be okay.

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