Alpha Acosta coaching lives and concealing through ceremonial Cacao

by Thewoodpr

Alpha Acosta is an international actress that you might remember on the screen for on the nineties and early 2000’s. As a colateral growth from the arts and entertainment world and a resolution from a a deep personal crisis, alpha find the opportunity to learn and keep growing more in the emotional and psicológical side.

She prepared as a coach in emotional intelligence. with a specialty in codependency, as a facilitator of the training Emotionally Responsable Women and Emotionally Responsable Men, weaver of women’s circles and ceremonial Cacao under the Mayan worldview, who has taught me another way to accompany women to heal through the power of conflict resolution that ceremonial cacao has, being in a cacao ceremony allows you to

She does sessions to work deeply with the healings properties of cacao on the subject that you have become aware of.

The process with Cacao is 5 days of personal and spiritual work. Along the five days you walk through the experience and resolve issues that bring you to the process. The process includes cacao, physical preparation, instructions, 1 hour of emotional management session about the conflict to find solutions.

It is important to spread the self by knowing about personal awareness and the mission is to accompany other people to have that awakening.

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