Actress Alpha Acosta Works as Therapist in Emotional Intelligence Processes

by Thewoodpr

Alpha Acosta has been a very well known actress for the last three decades, since her emblematic debuted in the Mexican, Hispanic, telenovelas as Morelia.

Her personal life has took her on a path of self awareness, knowledge, and personal development. Most recently she has been graduated with a Master’s Degree in Biological Deprogramming

She is in the path of service as well as in her artistic life and entrepreneurial journey helping others to transform their lives through healing therapies like Cocoa ceremonies. Ericksonian hypnosis Emotional management sessions Training in emotional intelligence Conscious emotional opening processes


Alpha Acosta has been an actress since early age, since the last years she has become a healing therapist in various disciplines and nowadays she is a therapist in Biological Deprogramming


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