5 Ways to Feel Less Stressed

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Feeling stressed? It’s no secret that stress is a major struggle for those of us who simultaneously balance professional careers with our personal lives. Stress a terrible feeling, tears us down, and has unhealthy repercussions in the long run. Don’t worry, though, we have tools to combat it. These are five ways to eliminate stress.

1. Exercise.

Exercise releases endorphins, which combats stress. Plus, the act of exercising (moving your body) often helps us gain clarity on stressful aspects of our lives. Either way, exercise will aid stress relief.

2. Get some sleep.

If you’re worn out, you’re more likely to become stressed. We’ve said it before, but rest really is so important. Even a little nap can help you lower those stress levels.

3. Stretch.

Take a few minutes to focus on your breathing and stretch out those muscles (which are probably tense from the stress). It will calm you down and make you feel more at peace – goodbye, stress!

4. Write down lists.

Sometimes we’re stressed because we’re overwhelmed with all we have to do. Use a planner (digital or hard copy!), whiteboard, or notebook and write it all down so you don’t have to worry about remembering everything. Having a visual list will help you create a game plan to get everything done, too.

5. Plan your meals.

Your food, diet, and meals in general can be a source of stress. Or maybe you keep forgetting to eat and find yourself hungry, which shortens your patience and makes you stressed more quickly. Regardless, having a plan for when and what you’re going to eat is super helpful and is one less source of stress.

Stress is something we all deal with at some point or another, but it doesn’t need to be your constant state of being. Try these five tips. We’re confident they will decrease your stress!

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