5 Lessons Learned from COVID-19

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Remember 2020? Due to COVID-19, We were unable to leave our house, distancing ourselves from friends and family, afraid of getting sick, affected by a pandemic health crisis. And we’re still dealing with the aftermath of that reality. However, rather than focusing on the negative effects of the coronavirus situation on our lives and businesses, we can shift our attention to the positives that can come out of self-isolation.


1. Your health is the most important thing.

Without your health, you have nothing. Without good health, you can’t be a good sibling, spouse, friend, colleague, mentor, or employee. Your health is the most important thing in your life, and COVID-19 brought that to the forefront of our collective understanding. Obesity, smoking, sedentary lifestyles and malnutrition all increase your risk of developing disease and prevent your ability to fight infection. These are preventable conditions. Focus on your health now and always to live a long, happy life.


2. Social connection is integral.

Our relationships with others are the threads that sew society together. We need social connection – it’s part of the human condition. Without relationships, we are lonely, isolated, depressed. This is why a spike of mental health conditions and suicide is an unintended consequence of quarantine. Self-isolation reminded us how important our friends and family are and helped us learn how to foster these precious relationships. It takes courage to recognize that you need help, and even more to ask loved ones for support. Community, connection and optimism supports individuals in seeing they are not alone; life is a shared experience.


3. We take so much for granted.

Having a job, a car to drive to the grocery store, friends, and good health is a privilege. We took so much for granted in our daily lives prior to COVID-19, and we are now realizing the importance of gratitude, awareness and appreciation for all we have. It took the events of September 11, 2001, to shift our appreciation for life, and it has taken a pandemic to make us aware of and appreciate our health and our planet’s health. Brené Brown said it perfectly, “We’re a nation hungry for more joy because we’re starving from a lack of gratitude.”


4. Hobbies are important.

If you lost your job or your workload has rapidly decreased, you’ve done one of two things: a) spent more time on your hobbies or b) got really bored. Having hobbies and knowing what brings you enjoyment is critical during quarantine but also in normal life. Being able to get into a state of flow can help to alleviate stress and low moods, helping you have fun and feel aligned to your purpose.


5. Staying grounded has benefits.

It’s easy to wind yourself up into a state of panic and fear while the coronavirus rages, but staying grounded is key. Many people experience constant panic and anxiety. Respiratory health is preserved when you breathe in low, slow, and deep with your diaphragm and out softly through the nose. Your nose is the first defense for your lungs. Practice breathing techniques like the Buteyko breathing exercise (called Many Breath Holds) for panic attacks or hyperventilation. Take a normal breath in and a normal breath out through your nose. Pinch your nose, hold your breath, and count down for five seconds, then release and breathe normally for 10 seconds. Repeat for 10 minutes until your panic attack dissipates. Quieting the breath is easier than quieting the mind. You can stimulate your senses using essential oils, practicing spirituality and using manifestation and visualization. Remind yourself that this too shall pass.

“Stress is a choice, so is peace.” – Unknown

Like with the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, this year is a period of turbulence, but we will get through it together. Use this time for good. Work on yourself, get deeper with your purpose, foster social connections, give back to others, and you’ll find that even this pandemic can be endured and overcome.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” – Robin Sharma

Article written by Anne Menik. Follow Essential Anne at www.essentialanne.com for more on looking, loving, and living healthier. She can also be reached at info@essentialanne.com or on social media by clicking here.

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