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For many people, negativity is a part of life. Maybe they’ve been negative their whole life or some recent event triggered a negative wave of emotions and now they’ve just come to accept that way of thinking. Think about it — between the news, social media, and other negative images that are being fed, your subconscious is being downed by negativity. Despite this fact, always being negative is something that you can train yourself out of. It’s time that you attract more positivity into your life.


Realize What You Can and Can’t Control


If you find yourself getting worked up often, it is probably because you don’t realize that there are things that you simply can and can’t control. At some point, you will have to learn how to release what you can’t control and do your best with what you can control. If you can’t control it, why worry about it?


Be Grateful


This can take many forms, whether it’s keeping a mental note of what you’re grateful for or affirming them aloud. The more creative you are with showing your gratitude, the easier it will be to appreciate what’s going right in your life. I know it sounds cliche, but listen to me; this takes practice. If you are typically the Negative Nate or Nancy in the room, you’re literally rewiring the way that you view things. Remember, your gratitude is limitless. here’s no way that you can be too grateful.


This should probably go without saying, but I’ll point it out anyway. Of course, none of these pointers will do you much good if you don’t believe it. You now know how to stop being negative, but in order to change, you must think you can. With these eight effective tools at your disposal, you will be on your way to ending your negative persona and blossoming into the more positive person you want to be.


Try Journaling Your Thoughts


One of the no-fail secrets to transitioning into a more positive mindset is to journal your thoughts, no matter what they are. People who are haunted by negativity have the most prominent breakthroughs when journaling. Wonder why this is? It’s because writing serves are a release of the dark thoughts that are floating around aimlessly in their brain. Try writing it down — see if you discover more clarity by actually making your thoughts tangible. You may even realize that you’re making a much bigger deal of them in your mind than they actually are.


Smile, even if you Don’t Feel Like It


It may sound simple, but forcing yourself to smile is one of the fastest ways to improve your mood. Did you know that it’s a scientific fact that smiling for a few seconds will shirt your brain chemistry, in turn affecting your whole body? Smiling triggers “happy chemicals,” known as serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals are kicked into overdrive and will quickly improve your mood. It may sound simple but try it out — try smiling and see if that changes your mood.



Of course, none of these pointers will work unless you believe it. With these useful tools, you are on your way to breaking your path of negativity and start becoming the more positive you. You can beat it — I assure you!

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